Tuitions aren’t really a luxury these days, they have become a necessity. Gone long are the days when in-house tuitions were considered feasible only for the privileged children of wealthy parents. Tutoringhas become an important part of a student’s education. While, parents set a base for children to get started with life, teachers impart knowledge, and tutors help them inculcate additional skills and knowledge. Teachers try to help children as much as they can in schools. But, a child need good amount of attention at home as well with his/her studies. Most of the parents are very busy these days with their jobs, providing for their family. They aren’t able to give their 100% attention towards their child’s studying and learning at home. This is when the role of a tutor plays a very important in a child’s life.

What is the importance of tutoring?

Few parents might argue that tuition costs are just additional and useless. In few cases, that might be true. If the student is exceptional in his grades, catches up with the school’s pace without any trouble, then that stands true. But, if a parent is worried that reading school books and finishing homework is all that a child can cope up with, and requires special one-on –one attention, then it is time to opt for a tutor.


A tutor works one-one-one with a student and provides extra support to the student. Tutors help students to develop additional learning skills at slower paces than schools. They can help students’ secure better grades; improve miscellaneous skills like reading, writing, etc.

What kind of tutoring is better?

There are essentially four types of tuitions.

  • Classroom tuitions
  • Group tuitions
  • In-home /one-on-one tuitions
  • Online tuition.

Out of these, it is safe to say that online tuitions are not something that a child should follow for long-term. This should be used just for help with some minor questions and doubts. They are often free, so a child can use these as and when he/she requires. Classroom tuitions and group tuitions are pretty similar, except that class-room tuitions are conducted at coaching centers, or in school after school hours, and group tuitions are like home tuitions except maybe the neighbor kids join you to reduce the tuition cost. The best and most effective type of tuition is one-on-one tuition. Tuitions are chosen by parents for kids because they want some extra attention for their kids. The best way to provide undivided attention is to get a one-one –one home tutor.

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What are the subjects that ideally require a tutor?

There are few subjects that students throughout the world usually struggle in, the most important subjects being Math, Science, and English. These are the main scoring subjects in almost all grades. Most of the parents opt tutors for these subjects, as these are part of the core curriculum for schools. Another subject that may require a tutor is Language. These days learning foreign language forms a part of school curriculum, and few students might need extra help in languages like Spanish, French etc. For students in high school, tutors should be opted for preparation of standardized tests like SATs, ACTs etc.

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Whatever the subject may be, tutors help students excel in their subjects and improve their grades.

About Author – Brandi is a high school math teacher, and specializes in complex topics like Calculus and Trigonometry. She has written various articles on importance of mathematics, child education, and related topics.