The creative fields of advertising and marketing have changed dramatically since the heyday of the Advertising Age in the 1950s. Jingle writers aren’t so prevalent anymore, because campaigns are opting to use popular music to connect with their audience. Print campaigns have mostly been replaced by marketing through electronic mediums. For the design professional, remaining current and relevant means maintaining your skills and abilities so you can work within the newer parameters.

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Design Diva In the Making

If you want to be at the top of your game and you are a design professional, it’s no longer just about art boards and layouts. You need to be well-versed in the latest software applications that are the standard issue for the industry. For page layout, that’s InDesign, for producing vector art, Illustrator, and for photography manipulation, Photoshop. To stay current with Adobe’s latest updates and to hone your skills further, you can take advantage of Masterstreet’s Photoshop online courses, among many others.

Courses For Design Pros

Make It Social!

You also need to know about handling all the social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People are not into reading so much anymore as they are into scanning quick messages. Think Twitter’s 140 characters. Think Instagram, which only uses images to convey a message. How do you add special effects to your photos before you can post them on social media? Photoshop online courses may be your answer. They can teach you tricks beyond the basics that you probably already know, since you’re a pro. You can learn to manipulate your images to your liking and to help make the statement that you want to get across to people as strong as possible.

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Working Around Your Deadlines

It’s a well-known fact that the creative industry is deadline driven. The introduction of software programs that were specifically designed for the industry has had both positive and negative effects on the design professional. Gone are the days when you had to wait for typesetting or retouching from a vendor. At the same time, this has meant that clients continually demand faster results. If you get additional training through Photoshop online courses, you can now do all retouching in-house, which reduces your overhead costs and saves production time.

The Renaissance Designer

The modern design professional must be a well-rounded Renaissance Man. You must be able to work on different platforms, whether it’s PC-based or on a Mac. You must be able to navigate between different applications easily. And you must be able to adapt a concept through different formats. The design that you come up with must be cohesive, whether it is to appear on a mobile phone, a billboard, or inside a magazine. Photoshop online courses should help you make the transitions between different platforms with ease.

If you are already an ace design professional and you want to stay at the top of your game, or you want to prevent yourself from slipping from that ace spot, taking advantage of Photoshop online courses may be the ticket. The creative industry can be highly competitive and cut-throat, as depicted on the popular TV series Mad Men. Don’t let your inability to keep current with trends and lack of knowledge with design tools railroad your career into obsolescence.