Most law schools take several factors into consideration when deciding whether to admit or reject an applicant. However, as the Pre-law Advising Office at the University of Massachusetts Amherst points out in the “Applying to Law School” section of the university’s official website, “Applicants are first ranked based on their LSAT and GPA.”

Other factors, such as work or internship history, letters of recommendation, and life experience (e.g., international study and travel experience, or a unique upbringing), are also taken into consideration, but only as secondary components of the law school application.

Why Your LSAT Score Matters?

Your LSAT score matters because it offers a measure of the essential skills you need to become a lawyer. According to the Law School Admission Council, “You must show that you have the ability to read and comprehend complex texts with accuracy and insight; you have the ability to organize and manage information, and then draw reasonable inferences from that information; you have the ability to think critically; and you have the ability to analyze and evaluate the reasoning and arguments of others.”

Online LSAT Course

An article posted in the American Bar Association Journal website records which law schools have the best LSAT profiles in the country. Here are a few of the law schools that lead the list:

  • Harvard and Yale, 173
  • Columbia and Stanford, 171
  • Chicago and NYU, 170
  • Duke, Pennsylvania and Virginia, 169
  • Georgetown, Michigan and Northwestern, 168

Students hoping to be accepted to one of the above-mentioned law schools should prepare vigorously for the test and expect to score in the 160s or above. According to the Law School Admission Council, “LSAT scores range from 120 to 180, with 120 being the lowest possible score and 180 the highest possible score.”

Online LSAT Course Options

Online LSAT course study works in a number of ways. Using online study materials, videos, and other useful LSAT course material, you can familiarize yourself with test directions and question types (three are three in total), practice on actual LSATs, and study the explanations for hundreds of sample LSAT questions. Using this powerful information, you can focus your studies and develop test-taking techniques and strategies that work.

LSAT Score

The Law School Admission Council advises, “You should be so familiar with the instructions and question types that nothing you see on the test can delay or distract you from thinking about how to answer a question.”  But the only way to be sufficiently prepared is through an online LSAT course that helps you to master the LSAT, and overcome the curve-breaker questions that could hurt your score.

By preparing for what the actual test measures, you could dramatically improve your chances of being a top scorer. As with any test-taking strategy, the more extensively you prepare – and the more fully prepared you are before test day – the more able you will be to maximize your full potential on test day.

How to Enroll in an Online LSAT Course?

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