Unemployment is one of the major problems of all nations. Be it the first world, second world or the third world countries, it acts as a disease that is the root cause of many other problems like poverty, crime, malnutrition, etc. However, it is not something that can be eradicated from the society quickly. In order to note down the ways to get rid of unemployment, one must know about its three major causes:

1) Overpopulation:

Every individual is aware of the fact that the population of Earth is growing second after second, especially because of the increasing population in most of the third world countries. There are so many people in a particular country that it is almost impossible to have each of them employed.

2) Globalization:

Due to globalization, many existing companies shut down permanently and hence their employees are asked to leave. Some companies do not even pay for the last month and don’t provide any sort of formal notice to the existing workers.

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3) Illiteracy:

Unemployment is a vicious circle. The growing population leads to poverty, which leads to illiteracy since the poor parents can’t afford to send their children to school and hence the illiterate youth is not able to work anywhere, again adding to poverty.

Many scholars and theorists have made different notes of unemployment, mentioning different kinds of it. However, one must focus on finding ways to erase this disease from the society. Below are some measures that can be undertaken:

1) Increase literacy rate:

In order to have every individual literate in the country, affordable or free education campaigns should be held. This would not only help in bringing the literacy rate up, but also lead to equality among people belonging to similar age groups.


2) Encourage cottage industries:

There are many countries that encourage the introduction and development of cottage industries. Such industries help in engaging the neighbourhood people to work, uplifting their position in the society to some extent.

3) Home based business:

Looking at the increasing prices of every little thing that the man depends on to survive, even the housewives have started working from home. Home based business requires a small amount of investment and hence many women support their family members by earning a good amount of profit on the small invested amounts.

4) Handicraft items:

There is a great demand for handmade items in different countries. If one has the talent to create something with his hands, his educational qualification is also not considered. Hence, there are many talented artists who have no degrees to impress the crowd but their work makes them a millionaire.

5) Online employment:

There are many websites that allow people to work on their computers, through their homes. Hence, such sites should be encouraged furthermore so that every individual is occupied with some or the other work, which helps him earn at least a basic amount.

The government is also taking initiatives to eradicate unemployment and poverty from the society. Jobseeker’s Allowance has been introduced wherein the government pays an amount to an unemployed individual seeking a job.

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