Having a tutor is almost a norm in today’s culture. Many parents and students look at tutoring as a necessity, rather than luxury. However, there are still people questioning tutoring and doubting its importance.

In this article, I will discuss the importance of having a tutor for students and how tutoring can help students in two aspects — academic performance and personal skills development.

Provide extra education materials

For average students, attending classes doesn’t necessarily mean understanding and grasping every bit of what their teachers teach in class on that day. They will usually have to continue studying the materials at home to fully grasp the topics. However, without a proper way of studying, students might still fail to master them.

Tutor for Students

Therefore, in order to be able to fully understand each concept or topic being discussed by the teacher at school, students must seek for a learning support. This is when tutoring comes into place!

A tutor is someone who can provide proper lesson plans and additional learning materials for you. By having a strategic and well planned study session, you will be able to further understand a topic and can easily retrieve that knowledge during exams and score well!

Help to identify and overcome your weaknesses

From within the comfort of your own home, you can have a tutor who will help you to focus on a specific topic that you have problem understanding at school. Since most tutors are either an experienced teacher or a top-scorer student, they can provide you with the best methods of studying for the specific subject. Plus, they can also make available to you the useful hints and tips for each topic.


Besides than that, a tutor is also important for you because he can help you to catch up with the school syllabus. A tutor, who is already familiar with your learning abilities, can figure out the most suitable way of delivering the knowledge to you and assist you in grasping each of the important points in each chapter. With such personalized and effective assistance, you will be able to catch up with the chapters and even better, get ready for the next one!

Assist in homework or school projects

Another importance of having a tutor for students is the extra helping hand that a tutor can provide in doing your homework or project assignments. It is normal for students to find difficulties in completing their homework. Some of the questions can be very tricky — so much so that even your parents can’t help you solving them!


However, a tutor, who is more experienced and familiar with the subject, can help you in completing your homework and assignments in several ways:

  • To understand the questions
  • To direct you to reliable sources in order to come up with the answers
  • To provide hints and tips to the questions

A tutor might not necessarily provide you with the direct answers, but he can definitely point you to the correct directions in your quest of searching the correct answers for your homework and school projects!

Enhance personal skills development

Besides than the educational benefits, a tutor is also important for you from the personal skills perspective. How could a tutor help you in developing your personal skills, you ask? Well, a great tutor can also be a great mentor. He or she can work together with you and directly or indirectly foster some personal skills such as:

  • Learning skills – What to study and focus on? Which subjects need more reading or exercises?
  • Goal settings – What to do after high-school? How to select major to study in university? (The answer to this question is also shared in our blog!)
  • Self-Motivation – How to stay motivated throughout the school year?
  • Problem solving skills – How to tackle exam questions? How to write good essays?
  • Communication skills – How to work together with other students in group projects?

All the personal skills mentioned above might not be fully developed if you are to depend solely on your school teachers or studying alone at home. But, by having a tutor by your side on daily basis, he can spend more time with you to brief, discuss and put into practise those skills. For example, a motivated and excellent tutor can share his success stories — in academic and in personal life— and this can influence you to be motivated as well!

You might think that it is already enough to be in a top school, but, as you can now see, a tutor is important not only because he can help you in your studies, but also in developing your own personal skills!

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