A report from the Graduate Management Admission Council shows that most MBA programs in the U.S. are witnessing a surge in applications. Though MBA remains one of the most sought after professional courses, it requires managing hectic schedules and being comfortable using technology. You might be using a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet or may be all the three, but to manage your career in the best possible way, you need the following apps that are tailor-made for MBA students:


This is the official app of Entrepreneur Magazine – the famous North American publication that covers stories related to entrepreneurialism and business opportunities. If you are a MBA student planning to start your own business in the near future, or keen to learn about Entrepreneurship, this app should be indispensable for you. Entrepreneurship is a place “where business, economics and pop culture intersect” and traditional thinking is challenged. Features include saving your favorite articles, storing past issues in a convenient location, and downloading without Wi-Fi.

“(Entrepreneur) …delivers distinctive content on every road taken by the independent thinkers, builders and leaders driving economies across the world.” – Amazon.com

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The Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader

WSJ has an immaculate reputation as a business newspaper. You get to read analytical articles on finance,learn about market trends and most importantly, start understanding the business world.WSJ is a top solution for getting career updates, learning interview questions and watching leadership videos from CEOs across the globe. The important people you meet in your college and professional life read WSJ. To comprehend their thoughts, try The Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader. With 500,000 – 1,000,000 installs (Google Play), it is among the most popular business apps.

Pocket MBA: Learning Studio

Pocket MBA is a great application that can supplement your regular MBA coursework. It offers you informative course content, interactive flashcards, and mock tests that can prepare you for the highest levels. Pocket MBA is designed to enhance your understanding of business strategies and results and practical knowledge of market influences. It is based on the work of bestselling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

“#1 among 8 Educational iPhone Apps for Small Business Owners” – Mashable

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Toying with business ideas is quite important for MBA students. However, you would need an effective mind mapping tool that can help you to visualize the data. Mindmeister can be a top-notch choice if you need such a tool. Apart from creating mind maps, it will also allow you to collaborate real-time with others and sync your data with Google Drive. Mindmeister features include the option to drag and drop as well as add icons, colors, styles, boundaries and draw connections between nodes.

“MindMeister does a terrific job of facilitating both simplicity and complexity…(MeisterLabs) has delivered a user-friendly mind-mapping app that combines portability with enough power for most mappers.” – Macworld

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Business networking is an important item on a MBA student’s agenda. If you regularly collect business cards at networking events, Camcard can be a treasured app for you. This popular cross-platform app reads business cards and saves them to your contact list. Camcard can also sync cards across all devices. And yes, this smart app has an even smarter tagline “Read Your Card, Mind Your Business”.

“(Camcard) Bringing Order to the Chaos of a Business Card Collection” – The New York Times

The above apps will give you an extra edge in both academic and professional career. Are you missing out on any of them?

Author’s Bio: Mark Bew is a Content Manager with Subcommune, Inc. He has extensive experience in education industry and writes on mobile learningtopics with special focus on language learning apps.