I had to write this after getting off the phone with one of academyone learning’s tutors.  I have two kids, they’ve been using academyone’s tutorial programs for the past three months.  My oldest son, in tenth grade, started using the Academyone learning math wiz program when he began having trouble in math. My youngest daughter also uses their software.  She’s in seventh grade and when she began falling behind in her English class last year, we decided to start her on the english wiz program.

When my kids started getting behind in class, my husband and I first thought about hiring a private tutor to help them get up to speed. But when we looked at how much good tutors charge, we just couldn’t afford it. We did some research too.  We read that many students become dependent on tutors. Which means that when a student is together with the tutor, they’re fine. They understand the material, are showing improvement and they’re confident in themselves.  But, once that helping hand’s gone, the student returns to being helpless and frustrated.

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We didn’t want our kids to become dependent on tutors.

Luckily, we found Academyone learning. We were blown away with how their programs are personalized for the student. They intelligently follow a child’s progress and adjust to their learning pace.  I didn’t think that was possible.

Academyone Learning also has a parent helpline, which is why I’m writing right now. The fact that a parent like myself can call a helpline and speak to a live tutor, who can then discuss their child’s progress, totally lifts AcademyOne Learning to a different level.

AcademyOne Learning’s

I called their parent helpline today because I was concerned with my son’s progress and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help him. I was immediately connected with a real tutor who not only knew my son’s progress, but was kind enough to reassure me that his progress was right on track with the course (that essentially I didn’t have anything to worry about).  The tutor then went on to explain ways in which I could be more involved in my son’s tutoring.  And she explained this all in a patient and kind manner. I don’t have to say, I left the conversation feeling more reassured than ever in both my children’s academic progress. We have absolutely no plans of stopping with Academyone’s tutorials!