As a jobseeker, it becomes somewhat tough to look for opportunities in countries away from your home. Gulf countries have always lured Asian as well as western population to work and earn money without paying any income tax. Gulf offers a varied range of job options in domains like petroleum, production, travel & tourism, healthcare, and construction, among others. With the increase in the demand of the products and services, there has also been increase in the manufacturing and production jobs in Gulf. The companies not only hire locales, but also expats from other countries to fill those positions. Gulf has also allured professionals because of excellent career prospects while offering international exposure.

Job Search

Build up your networks

If you need to search jobs in Gulf, then your social and professional networking can help as you may directly or indirectly contact your future employers. Ask your friends who are already working in gulf if they can refer you to their companies, as references are considered the most trustworthy sources.

Create a useful resume

Having a genuine and impressive CV is the most requisite thing! Ask the resume writing services of the online job portals to provide you with professionally written CVs. Before applying for these jobs, you must ensure that you have a professional resume as a weapon to face your prospective employers.

Creating a resume is a tough task indeed, and you need to consider the job position for which you are applying.  A good resume should include the education details, work experience, references and contact details. However, it is always advisable not to create lengthy resume as no one has the time and inclination to read the lengthy resume. It can be a good idea to seek help from professional resume developers, targeting employment industry of Gulf countries. You must provide the necessary information alone and the unnecessary details about your hobbies and other skills. A good resume will definitely create a lasting impression on the interviewer.


Make the best use of Internet

Internet has emerged as the best source to search the jobs in the gulf region. However, earlier people used to go though the job section of the newspapers where the jobs available in Dubai and other gulf cities used to publish. But now, the time has changed and there is availability of a number of job portals where the best jobs in the area are available.

Internet has helped the candidates very much in this context. Online media has offered a number of solutions to the jobseekers to find the right working environment that can suit their requirements and also their skills. Social networking can also be of great help, as they enable you to find the job profiles as per your requirement and also help to find more and more references for the jobs in Gulf. With the help of keyword search, you can identify specific regions, required job categories and the areas of interest.

Avoid spammers

Make sure that you are contacting the reputed names for searching for the jobs vacancies in Gulf countries over Internet. As there are a number of recruitment agencies mushrooming, which claim to provide the best jobs in the region?  Searching jobs according to your skills is important. Suppose you are an engineer and are looking for engineering jobs in any specific city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, make use of suitable keywords or a combination of keywords. You can also sort jobs according to the keywords you make use of. Consider all the options and, know what you are looking for, and then apply for the jobs.