Having good grade means there is a very high chance of getting a really good job. When you get good grades, you earn recognitions where it enhances a student’s confidence knowing that he is very well performing in class. It leads to an assumption that having a good grade does have a brighter chance of getting a greater career. This is what commonly people believe: getting a good grade in college opens the opportunity for a better career.

Not everyone has been given a gift of wisdom to easily grasp lessons and be able to get satisfying grade results. The least scenario would be that not all has given the chance to study college.

  • So, how about those who were not able to do it academically?’
  •        ‘If this is the way that people think, how will they be able to get opportunities?’
  •        ‘Does this mean that failure in school means failure in life?’
  •        ‘Can grade judge one’s potential?’

For those people who were able to spell success without undergoing the pressure of attending Harvard classes, unfavorable reason have been found in getting a good study.

Grades Judge One's Potential

  • Definition of success is so broad. Whatever field or career an individual is connected to, the definition of success varies. Simply saying, when one had attended business study from a prestigious university, it does not mean that he is going to be successful in building his own business.

The most common measurement of success is income. It is a fact that a highly successful individual does earn more than the average compensation. Too obvious to explain further.

  • A problem in measuring grades. There is a huge difference between getting “A” grade from a low-quality school than coming from a high-quality school, the difficulty of school subject.
  • School emphasis, more on homework! Schools usually give too much attention in providing homework rather than giving importance on the actual understand through looking into what has been learned by students.
  • Most creative people do not do well academically. There are many creative people who have been successful because of their creativity. So if grades are the fortune-teller, then, what is with them?

Having a rough grade will not and will never ruin one’s life or not becoming successful. But, there are a few things to remember in finding success in spite having a dreadful life in school.


  • Reading, writing, and be able to compute. Three basic, important, and powerful skill-set one needs to enhance.
  • Feel free to enjoy on what you are good into. It may “just” be a talent or skill, but you will never know how your skill will bring you success.
  • Work hard.

Going back, ‘Can grade judge one’s potential?’. Definitely not suitable for all. This means that there is nothing to worry if you are getting flank grades or if you are not able to earn a college degree. Everyone must bear this in mind, students having “C” grade receives same diplomat as those students having “A” grades.