Are you an active member of the service and see you the finish line in sight? Are you wondering which direction to turn as the New Year approaches? Every year, you make resolutions for yourself that are too hard to keep. This year, be realistic and include college with military scholarships. Whether you are still serving or a veteran, there are a host of military friendly colleges and their doors are open. It is simply a matter of walking in.

Why military friendly colleges?

You’ve devoted a portion of your life and time to your country. You’ve been selfless in helping others in the nation and round the world to have their personal freedoms. You have a right to expect something in return. If you choose to pursue a higher education, nothing should stop you and financial concerns should not be an issue. College with military scholarships makes it easy for you to take this positive step forward in your life. It’s up to you to take action. If you are in the armed forces, or have spent any length of time dedicating your life to such a pursuit, then you know what it is to have motivation. You’ve made the choice to serve others. Now it’s time to serve your interests.

Choosing a program

Your years in the service will provide you with strength of character, integrity, and leadership qualities. Now you want to take all of those positive attributes and apply them in the work force. The problem is the fact that competition is fierce and you need a degree. With incentives offered across the country for military members, there is no reason that you cannot pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. You could find all of your expenses paid in a state university or a major chunk can be taken care of in private colleges. Either way, college is within your reach.

Extending Opportunities to Dependents

Perhaps you’ve already completed your degree and you are set to take on a career upon leaving the service. Your spouse or dependents can still benefit from military scholarships in college. This is America’s way of saying thank you for all that you have sacrificed for your country. Don’t be too proud to accept funding for college. If not for yourself, make it possible for members of your family to follow their dreams. College can be theirs and your military service provides a one-way ticket.