Education of the most worth able property in the world that cannot be sold to any one or one can acquire what other people have. It is rather the potentialities of the individual people to learn the subject and get professionally trained in the things and making them use in the real world. But there are a number of people who are not able to make the things in their school life. They tend to drop out from the school life and they will not go to higher studies. According to some survey conducted in a global basis, still many people are just dropping their education background in the school level itself and they are not attempting to make things to go the next. Still some people are just leaving the school education at the beginning itself and are not willing to study. There are a number of reasons behind this. The first reason is the family situation. People may not be able to pay the fees to the school. They might have some other situation that they have to go to work and save the family. But many people now realized the importance of this. Many quotes on education have made people to realize the mistake they did in the early stages of life and now they are willing to continue the education that they left in the early stage. With the help of unm continuing education, it is possible to continue education at any age and it is also possible to graduate with the help of unm continuing education