Having a job is different from molding a career. A job is something you do just for the compensation and other benefits while a career may be defined as an endeavor in which you see yourself growing and maturing in the years ahead. Most people just take a job so to support their needs and wants. Sometimes, even the job does not suit their interests or fit in their passion, they just take them for the sake of having one. A career is rare and not everyone is gifted to be landing on their own dream work.

Whether you want a job or a career after graduation, the process of hunting for those is something you need to prepare for. Opportunities come very seldom and sometimes they do not come at all. Instead of wasting your time applying personally in offices and companies, you might want to take advantage of the internet through Ivy Exec. This is a company established in 2006 to answer the problem of tedious job hunting. It seeks to act as bridge between the employer and the employee while also serving as an avenue for the latter to improve his credentials and enhance his potentials.

You might wonder how Ivy is able to do all that for you. It is actually simple because the company is geared to encouraging different people of all walks of life to become a member and enjoy professional and social networking. It provides career consulting services which job seekers could avail of so they could be guided properly regarding their job choices. It also teaches resume writing and development so that the document could at once captivate the employer’s attention. And aside from creating connections, Ivy Exec also allows job searching of the member online.

All these and more are what Ivy members could enjoy. Because of the company’s continuous aim for broader mileage, it has come up with a mentoring program geared to manage interaction between the would-be employee and the mentor. The latter will share everything it takes to have a successful career once the former grabs that chance for a mentoring session.