Many schools are sitting at the edge of their seats, waiting to see who is going to get elected. While Obama has said he is going to put more money into schools, Romney is saying that he, too, is going to focus on education. Right now, there is a growing concern about student loan debt and neither candidate is all too eager to address that. More money into the schools is good, however, because it will increase the amount of scholarships that can go out to qualified students.

While most of the country is concerned about who gets into office, military friendly colleges don’t have to rely so heavily on election results. Much of this has to do with the fact that they cater to the active duty military personnel and the veterans who are able to get a lot of government funding because of their contribution to the country.

Those who serve in the armed forces are able to avoid a lot of the student debt that the rest of the country is facing because of such programs. This, combined with a college that puts an emphasis on the military and the result is lower costs overall.

It’s also possible to apply for more scholarships. A veterans scholarship is relatively easy to come by as long as someone knows where to look and how to apply. Thousands of scholarships for veterans go unclaimed every year simply because people don’t apply for them. Not all of them are merit or need based – they go to anyone who has served their country in the military.

Many of the traditional 4-year universities and colleges around the country depend on government funding. Meanwhile all the students who go to these depend on scholarships provided by the schools as well as lenders who will issue them a loan for the remaining amount that scholarships don’t provide for. With this as the tactic of so many people, it’s no surprise that there is a student loan crisis in the country.

Military friendly colleges are friendly toward the military in a number of ways. They offer a variety of educational programs, they offer online courses and they offer a variety of ways for people to pay for the college – including providing a list of many scholarships  that can be applied for around the country.

No one has to sit around waiting for Romney or Obama to take action. The better solution for those who have served in the military is a college that is made just for them.