Landmark education provides or offers different types of very useful training and development courses in different fields of communication, relationships, money, self- expression, integrity and vitality that help a person to have much better personal and professional life. The courses help a person to develop decision making abilities that help the person to take the right decision at the right time, to develop relationship skills with others, to develop management skills and to overall develop a positive attitude towards life. Besides all these the first main course offered is the Landmark Forum course. This is a mandatory course which a person should take up before selecting from any other courses available.

It is a simple three day interactive course or session in which there are discussions and workshop conducted between the participants and the trainer. The course is not only informative and theoretical but it is more about the practical things in life for a better understanding and for better knowledge. The course changes the way people look at things in life. A person becomes more confident and is ready to face situation in life more easily after taking up this course. People find a lot of difference and improvement in the activities of their day to day life. Every person who has attended the course has been benefited in many ways. Landmark Education offers or provides all the courses at affordable prices which may vary from place to place.